Understanding The Wedding Design Process.

Virginia Wedding Designer:Understanding The Wedding Design Process.

As an Virginia event designer ( Keitha Thomas Designs) that specializes in design and florals, I not only assist my clients with choosing the right  wedding florals for there big day, but also guide them through the wedding design process. We get to know our clients through an extensive questionnaire to better understand their event style, interests, and what they want to convey with their wedding design and florals. Most couples getting married have ideas on color scheme and different elements that they want to incorporate, but aren’t sure how to put it all together. We take your ideas and make them cohesive, first by starting with an inspiration board so we know we’re on the right track, and then by delivering a fully detailed Wedding Design blueprint

Our Wedding Design blueprint becomes the vision for the team of vendors to follow. While your stationery vendor may only see the paper, and the linen vendor only sees the tables, as the wedding designer, we have the big picture in mind and lead the vendor team to bring all the components of the day together in one cohesive design.We help you maximize your budget by offering ideas and suggestions that will give you the biggest impact. There’s always the moment when reality sets in once we have all the design proposals and need to figure out where to cut to work within the budget. I help my clients understand what is essential and what they won’t miss on the wedding day. For example, lighting is always essential to an evening reception to create ambiance in a room. If your gorgeous flower arrangements are in the dark, what good was the money you spent? Scaling back a little on flowers to allow for lighting will create a dramatic effect and allow your flowers to shine in a dark room. Guiding our couples through the design process from concept to reality is one of the most gratifying aspects of what I do. I live for the moment when they see their wedding for the first time and it’s better than they dreamed it would be!


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